Skin Care for All

Bertie's Beauty offers a collection of customized organic facial treatments.

*At this time, in house treatments have been placed on hold to protect the health of our clients and community. 


Bertie's Beauty signature facial incorporates the newest in skincare technology. This service is highly customizable so each client can achieve their desired results without compromise. Skin will be brightened to a radiant glow, looking firmer and healthier.


This treatment is designed to help clear adult acne breakouts, reduce the appearance of blackheads and improve the overall clarity of the skin.


An elevated, soothing and reparative treatment formulated to restore hydration, reduce puffiness and calm irritated skin.  Results are a revitalized, smoother, healthier looking complexion.


Designed for the adolencent with sensitive skin prone to acne breakouts, the focus is on cleansing, extracting and calming the skin. Ages 12 - 19 only.

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